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Core Level 1, Boulder, Summer 2019

Boulder, CO

Instructor: Alyssa Gillespie

24 classroom hours, cost $650.
Review: $325

September 13-15, 2019
Classes Meet 9am – 5pm each day

Healing Spirits Massage School
3825 Iris Ave #300 Boulder, CO 80301

Includes: Core 1 manual, Dr. Stevens’s reading list, and eligibility to be listed on Core practitioners website.

Introduction to the model and principles of Core Synchronism. Understanding the physiology of energetic, fluid and skeletal motion. Understanding how the physiology of asynchronous motion produces inflammation and pain. Students will read an essay on Core Synchronism. Any questions regarding the essay will be answered the next class period. The following terms will be defined: Anterior, Posterior, Superior, Inferior, Medial and Lateral. These terms will be essential in describing skeletal response in relationship to energetic and fluid directed motion. Definition and demonstration of two key manipulations: Temporary Pause and Full Pause. These manipulations are the principles means employed in correcting skeletal imbalance. This correcting method will hold true throughout all levels of Core Synchronism. Students will learn how to palpate and correct the core current. Students will learn how the entire skeletal frame responds to fluid fluctuation. This includes the cranium and facial structures. The manipulations of the entire skeletal frame will be demonstrated in a step-by-step process and then practiced. Included in the class material are descriptions of the manipulations, hand placements, diagrams and direction of motion. The last day of class will be devoted to applying the principles of Core Synchronism to correcting and improving the function of the lymphatic system. The majority of classroom time will be devoted to practice.

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For questions:
Alyssa Gillespie

Dee-Dee Davidson
P.A. to Alyssa Gillespie

Certification as Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner is awarded upon completing levels 1-6, one year of practice and completion of level 7.

Alyssa Gillespie is a Certified Core Synchronism instructor. A student of bodywork for over 22 years, she graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1995. She has been teaching Core Synchronism since 2002.