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Core Level Four, Albuquerque 2018

Albuquerque, NM

Instructor: Enai Brutus

Up to this point students have been doing treatments based on a single wave pulse. Students will learn six additional wave pulses. The reading of each wave pulse will indicate a specific imbalance in the core etheric body model. Students will learn specific sequences to correct each of these imbalances. Students will learn how to palpate and correct the timing mechanism of the core etheric body model. Students will learn how to palpate and correct the entire endocrine chain. Students will learn how to correct the entire endocrine chain with the spine. Students will learn how to integrate and correct the entire endocrine chain, spine and charkas that energetically feed the endocrine glands. Students will learn how to integrate the material from core 1-3 with level 4. Core level four manipulations will create an environment that will facilitate opening the unconsciousness. Students will continue the learning process of releasing deep-seated trauma within the unconsciousness. Class material includes: sequences, descriptions of sequences and hand placements, illustrations. The majority of classroom time will be devoted to practice.

20 classroom hours, cost $500.
Review Cost: $400

All Classes Meet 1:30-5:30 each day
202 Morningside SE
Albuquerque, NM

NOTE: $150.00 nonrefundable deposit per level to hold a place in class. No exceptions.

There is a minimum number of students required to hold these classes (10). If the minimum number is not reached the class will be cancelled. It is strongly recommended that students traveling from out of state or out of country purchase refundable airline tickets in case a class is cancelled.

Deposits should be made to:
Robert Stevens
615 Solano Drive SE
Albuquerque, NM

Although Core Synchronism is currently taught in seven levels, the practice of this system of hand medicine is practiced as one level. The foundation for core practice is established in Level One. Each additional level is to be integrated into this foundation. The entire system is practice intensive. Each level requires additional concentrated focus and palpation ability.

Certification as Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner is awarded upon completing levels 1-6, one year of practice and completion of level 7.