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Commentary On Cerebrospinal Fluid as Conveyor of Sound and Light

Dr. Stone: “The cerebrospinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and the light energies. It bathes the spinal cord and is a reservoir for these finer essences, conducted by this fluidic media through all the fine nerve fibers as the first airy mind and life principle in the human body.”

Robert Stevens Comment: The cerebrospinal fluid is the physical conveyor of the soul qualities (frequencies) of sound and light. The frequency of the soul is moving so fast that these frequencies require a physical carrier to directly influence the physical body. The circulation of cerebrospinal fluid is the first and most important circulation in the physical body as it circulates the primary frequency and essence of life, the soul. This perhaps is why Dr. A.T. Still said, “The CSF is the highest known element in the body.” Dr. Still also made reference to the fine nerve fibers when he stated, “….all nerves drink from the waters of the brain…”