Learning Core Synchronism: Stepping into a Larger World

An essay be Alex Vernon
I began the first level of Core Synchronism training three days after graduating from NMSNT. I was excited and slightly nervous. My class had begun practicing Core about two thirds of the way through our program, so, it was not entirely new to me. And yet, there were times when I [...]


Thirty spokes unite in one hub;
It is precisely where there is nothing, that we find the usefulness
of the wheel.
We fire clay and make vessels;
It is precisely where there’s no substance, that we find the
usefulness of clay pots.
We chisel out doors and windows;
It is precisely in these empty spaces, that [...]

Core poem

It’s Core Level three
Synchronizing the brain,
Long lines and chakras
Check the wave pulses
Medial to lateral
Which toe feels funky?
Doctor Stevens says,
“Follow the vertical core,
Synch it with the clock.”
From bregma to feet
Parietals widening
Mastoids medial
Working on bodies
To bring relaxation
I’m not a healer
by Otter September 2016


Learning Core Synchronism

My name is BillyJack Davidson, I am twelve years old.
I’ve just finished the Core Synchronism Level 1 class. I throughly enjoyed the class. Core Synchronism is amazing to give and to receive. Robert Stevens, ( The main teacher and the creator of Core) is a truly amazing man. I would even classify him as [...]

Core and the Lymphatic System

It took me a fairly long time to figure out how to work with the lymph system via core principles. There are a few problems that keep the lymph system locked up. This effects everyone’s general well being significantly. The lymph is directly involved with all issues of health and healing. The lymph has lost [...]

Currents and Tidal Rhythms

A Commentary On Currents and Tidal Rhythms

Dr. Stone: “The cerebrospinal fluid is the liquid medium for this life energy radiation, expansion and contraction. Where this is present, there is life and healing with normal function. Where this primary and essential life force is not acting in the body, there is obstruction, spasm, or stagnation and pain, like gears which clash instead [...]