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Caduceus and Skeleton: Closing Phase

Caduceus and Skeleton Closing Phase This illustration depicts the cyclic movement of the caduceus and the major chakras. The caduceus is comprised of the central vertical current, right positive current and the left negative current. The terms positive and negative refer to the direction that the currents are spinning. The positive current spins counterclockwise and the negative current spins clockwise. When all three currents meet in the midline of the vertical current, a spark is created that results in a spinning vortex of energy known as a chakra. The caduceus is the deepest portion of the etheric body or center. In the closed phase the caduceus moves superior from the base chakra to the ajna chakra. While the caduceus is moving superior in the closed phase the midline chakras are moving anterior. Looking at the anterior of the body the midline chakras spin counterclockwise. Looking at the posterior of the body the midline chakras spin clockwise.